How to stay strong while helping someone with depression

Depression not only affects the person, but also everyone around them, too.

Unless you have a moral obligation to save this person, for example being a mother, sister, brother, etc… You need to let go. He is bringing you down with him. You will suffer the same fate. Save yourself.

You need to understand that you can’t save people who don’t want to be saved. I’ve tried and it’s taken a toll on me. It sucks but there’s really nothing you can do. Broken people have the mindset to keep themselves broken. ONLY THEMSELVES can pull themself out of depression.

I admire your empathy, and I believe you’re a good person. I would hate to see a good person like yourself get pulled into the same darkness as your friend. You need to let go and find peace that you can’t save him.

I hope your friend saves himself. Don’t get sucked into his darkness. Let go before it’s too late for you.

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