Does a life of simplicity lead to more happiness than a life of luxury?

The pursuit of luxury comes from the belief that “If I will have this and this, I will be happy”.

When the luxury finally comes, the previous belief is most likely to not become fulfilled, and thus the material chase begins, a chase meant to further reinforce ourselves from the eventual subconscious understanding that “this and this doesn’t really make me happy after all, and thus I have wasted a lot of time from my life, getting things that didn’t really made me any happier”.

Pursuing simplicity is based on the belief that “I don’t need this and that to be happy; I can be happy without them”. Hence, the pursuit of simplicity is not necessarily for the sake of simplicity itself, but rather for the sake of mental independence or emotional independence from external criteria to determine our feelings, or from the belief that external criteria always determine our feelings.

Therefore, a life of simplicity by itself, without the matching mindset to that lifestyle, won’t necessarily make you happier than having a luxurious lifestyle. To find happiness within simplicity you must not only live in simplicity, but to be aware that material gain won’t necessarily grant you a long-term happiness. Two people can live the same simple lifestyle, but feel different feelings, dependent on their mindsets and on how do they choose to relate to their current lifestyle.

A luxurious lifestyle, however, will most likely give you a short-term happiness, as you’ll live from one pleasure to the next, but never be fully satisfied, as there is no limit to the potential of material gain, and the more gain you’ll have, the more things you’ll have to worry about, making you live a life of constant pursuit, never stopping to fully enjoy the fruits of your wealth, without reaching full satisfaction.