StaffCoach success is characterized by the following 10 values
  1. Clarity — giving and receiving accurate communication.
  2. Supportiveness — a commitment to stand with and
    behind team members.
  3. Confidence building — a personal commitment to build
    and sustain the self-image of each team member.
  4. Mutuality — a partnership orientation where everyone
    wins or no one wins.
  5. Perspective — a total focus on the entire
    business enterprise.
  6. Risk — the encouragement of innovation and effort that
    reduces punishment for mistakes and fosters learning
    by doing.
  7. Patience — going beyond the short-term business focus
    to a view of time and performance that balances long-term
    gain and business imperatives.
  8. Involvement — a genuine interest in learning about
    individuals in order to know what incentives, concerns
    and actions will inspire them.
  9. Confidentiality — an ability to protect the information of
    all team interactions and cause a sense of trust and
    comfort with the individuals.
  10. Respect — a giving and receiving of high regard to and
    from the staff as individuals and members of the team.
    Study these values, consider the degree to which you possess
    them, and make plans to develop them within you.

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