Here are some tips for detoxing your mind

From my perspective, the mind is one of the most important organisms of the body. Therefore having a clear mindset and vision is fundamental for achieving anything in life. Following are 5 ways in which a person can detox the mind and make room for better things.

Unfollow anyone who does not add positive value to your life

Be mindful of the things you are following on social media. Make sure those accounts are adding value to your life. Many of the things we see on social media are products of technology. In other words, computers can create and edit the perfect online life, but real life is a different thing. Constantly track the accounts you follow and unfollow those who are not adding value to your path. Clear out your social media space as you clean out your room, closet, or house.

Became selectively social

Who you share your time with is a product of who you are. So be aware of the people around you. Those associations have a meaningful impact in your life, it has the power to change your perspective of life. Be mindful of who you give your energy to and from who you are receiving energy.


Meditation is a powerful tool to organize your mind. Do not confuse meditation with shooting your mind off; meditation is the power to organize your thoughts. When you are meditating, focus on one thing at a time, this is how meditation works. You are supposed to pay attention to one aspect of your life at the time, and that will create a habit of concentration. Preventing you from focusing your time on unnecessary stuff, there you will have a clear and organized mind all the time.

Ask yourself important questions.

Everyone has questions about life and how it works. Ask yourself, what is working on my life and what is not working? What aspects of my life can I improve to become a better person? Do I currently have any relationship that is not adding value or joy to my life? What is one habit that prevents me from becoming a better person, and how can I break it? You can ask yourself multiple questions daily to find out how you are doing in life and where you want to go. Ask those questions all the time.

Say “NO” whenever you are not ready.

If you have a habit of being a people pleaser or you find yourself overbook all the time, it is time for you to learn how to say NO. Is essential to prioritize your time and spend it on things that will fulfill your path and purpose in life. You should help other people with their path if you can, but do not forget that you are your masterpiece; therefore, you need most of your time.

Discover the power of the pause. Close your eyes and breath throughout your body. Slowly breathe through your nose and out throughout your mouth. Please your body needs, please your organisms by practicing simple steps. Detox your mind, and you will detox your life.