Why old people don’t believe in mental health issues and blame it all on video games etc.?

A lot of the time, we isolate the people we care about. Ignore the signs of mental health issues and blame them all on video games, or having too much free time, or simply not exercising enough. We tell ourselves that they’re fine, or they’ll snap out of it eventually. It’s all bullshit — “they’re fine” doesn’t work when you know something is wrong and don’t value their opinion enough to listen to them. I’m going to be blunt, if you have someone in your life who is suffering from depression, here’s what you do: Quit giving them shit about it. Stop asking them “why are you like this” and realizing that their problems are caused by videogames and forking over loads of money for therapy etc. This will make them feel like shit with self-doubt that won’t go away unless addressed properly and honestly by an actual professional.

A lot of mental health issues are caused by the stigma that comes with being a “young person” and is completely ignored by parents. This stigma is fueled by people who don’t understand the fact that depression and anxiety can come from any age, especially when you have a family history of mental illness (e.g. your great grandma was bipolar or your mom has been suffering from depression).

Aging is a fact of life and it is important for us to focus on healthy aging, including behavioral health issues not only during May, which is both Older Americans Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, but throughout the year.

Free resources on mental health and substance use disorders among older adults