Ensure security during the Corona lockdown

Do you want to end up this crisis feeling good about yourself and having a plan for your future?

I am going to give you a strategy to convert this time into happiness, fulfillment, and wealth.

It is time to find out what it’s the opportunity that this lockdown is offering you as a human being.

Let’s face it. We live in a society focus and educated toward money. We use money as a currency to define how much we worth and what is our value. Somehow it makes sense since money can be translated into time and our lives have an expired date. But, What happens when we give more importance to money than time? and even more important, what happens if we lost our identity on the way?

Yes, it’s the base of the confusion that it is leading our society. We mix these two questions, how much I worth? and what are my values?

The opportunity that the lockdown offer is TIME for us STOP and reconnect with ourselves.

And how I do that? what it’s that tool to convert this time into happiness, fulfillment, and wealth?

It’s called the Plugin super tool. Imagine that you have a lamp and you want that it does what it’s made for, give light. What would you do? You would put the plug of your lamp into the socket.

This is what all of this is about. Imagine that you are the lamp and you want to bring light in this dark moment of crisis, what do you need to do? Plug yourself by doing things that give you energy.

And How do I that? Using this simple equation.


Yes, if you take actions that are aline with your values you will be feeling yourself with energy.

It’s the moment to look around and decide what gives you energy. What is that thing that you value and what you don’t?

VALUE is the trigger that it’s going to change your game and the way that you are perceiving this situation. Discovering what do you feel as valuable is going to allow you to create value in your life, your work, and your business? it is going to help you to build the foundation of any successful project because you can only give of what you have, right?

And, How I find out what is my list of core values?

I believe that everybody has an amazing Ferrari specialized in making a set of different things.

You have the opportunity to put gasoline in the tank of your Ferrari every time that you do things that energize you and water when we do things that put down your energy level.

It´s time to stop putting water in your tank. It’s in your hand to discover what are the actions that give you gasoline and translate them into a set of 10 values that will make any project super stable, powerful and irresistible.

I have a challenge for you, keep yourself awake and take notes of what is this thing that gives you energy and put a name to that values. It is about being playful, communicative, adventurous, successful, fun?

Use your core values as the foundation of your decisions. Go on drinking out of this bottle of energy dream. Translate into details, what it is the mission of each of your values inside of the new project and make it happens.

The authenticity of your actions is going to be so attractive that it could only succeed. Take profit of this lockdown and reconnect with the best version of yourself.