How to have a healthy mindset

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life, having a healthy mindset not only changes you but changes your perspective of things around you, circumstances and life in general. also it helps you cope easily with whatever life sends your way.

Tips to maintain a healthy positive mindset:

1-practice self reflection
by witnessing your own behaviors and being conscious about your inner thoughts and feelings. this self observation includes being objectively “neutrally” honest about your intentions and who you really are and even diving deep to know your darkest self.

2-Embrace yourself
when you accept yourself for who you really are, your identity and uniqueness , you begin to embrace your toxic traits and insecurities and feel it as part of your being, so in the end you will be able to smoothely work on getting rid of it.

3-Control your thoughts
you either control your thoughts or you let your thoughts control you, your thoughts are mostly linked to your deepest beliefs and perspectives so in order to control it you need to understand and accept it.also by bringing awareness to a thought, you release some of its power.moreover, through the process you learn to separate yourself from your thoughts which will make you gain power over it.

4- Improve your knowledge
enrish your mind daily by continuously learning,discovering and investing your time and energy on yourself, it will not only help you gain knowledge but expand your mind in order to reach your greatest the same time you’ll learn new skills everyday which may eventually lead to the best version of yourself coming to life.

5-practice gratitude
appreciate the little things and small details about life, this makes a huge shift in your mindset and energy.when you practice gratitude you are teaching yourself to focus on the filled part of the cup in most areas of your life. it also strengthen your inner power and raise your vibration so you’ll attract more opportunities into your life.

6-Be open to change
no matter how much growth you accomplish in life, never stop striving for more .take whatever life offers you because you’ll never know what god has in store for you,maybe that meaningless opportunity will direct you right towards your destined path. sometimes the most important change is the one you thought you never needed.this will boost your confidence and flex your way of thinking.

7-Believe in universe plans
focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t . this will save you time and energy wasted on worrying and overthinking things out of your control. just surrender and let things fall into place with time. by doing this you’re both protecting your peace and mind from unnecessary worries.

having a healthy mindset will set you free from negative thoughts and feelings and make it much easier for you to achieve your goals,make healthy connections,go beyond limitations and have a clear vision about who you are and who you want to be .
Hope that was helpful,