How To Grow From Introvert To Extrovert (Mindset)

I know a lot of you don’t have to read this since you’re an entrepreneur there is a high chance that you have gotten used to talking to others however this is for the people who are still a bit shy or are terrified that their first day of being an entrepreneur means standing on stages with thousands of people

Or maybe there is a man or woman that you are in love with and you desperately want to tell them your true feelings another one could be asking your scary boss for a pay raise

Before we dive in I want to let you know that if you want to be in business you are going to be holding yourself back if you can’t present yourself the reason why is that you’re eventually going to have to talk to someone

This fear could have been implemented into you from when you were a child your parents would say “Don’t talk to strangers” or maybe you tried getting yourself out of your comfort zone but you were embarrassed and mocked so now you have developed fear

But in the big world if you don’t talk to strangers you must be broke Some people even say that the amount of money you make is connected to how many strangers you talk to daily think about the world of business it’s all about…

Getting attention then turning strangers into friends then turning a customer into a raving fan

So if you’re not talking to strangers you cannot be making more money especially if you’ve just started your business since marketing and trying to get your name out there requires a tonne of meeting random people

This is why this barrier needs to be broken if you want to have any success in business but what is the step to getting there?

Go to Speaking training events

This is a great idea since it helps you get out of your comfort zone and helps you gain little by little how to master the art of communication I know it can be scary to do but this is when you have to force yourself to take action and overcome your limitation

Besides, your going to be interacting with people who are just as shy as you so there is no need to worry about people making fun of you also consider that you aren’t going to be the next Tony Robbins overnight however with time and persistence you will get better


Being in the world of entrepreneurship is all about getting attention and making a fan base of great buyers however how can you get to that point if you are too scared to get your name out there?

People buy from people they know and trust and if you’re nobody then a lot of people are going to feel cold doing business with you but don’t worry about with the right training and persistence you can start to get better

Just remember being an introvert isn’t born into you it can be changed but it’s going to take time, dedication and a few embarrassing moments but it will all be worth it when everyone knows your company, you get the love of your life, you take credit for the work you do, you articulate your work and can be a super confident extrovert

Stay well everyone 😊