If you’re in your 20’s and 30s, focus on this in the next 10 years and you’ll be wealthier than 97% of people in their 40s..
  1. Wake up at 4 AM

    Don’t dread to wake up early

    As that’ll save you 3 hour before your day starts

    Cultivate successful people’s habits
    * Make your bed
    *Read 50+ pages
    *Take a glass of water
    *Hit 200 pushups+ 100squats

    Success is hidden in your daily routine

  2. Set  aside 100 minutes of your day to read

    88% of financially free people are addicted to learning

    Financial education is self-taught

    Read these books every day:
    *Human nature
    *Atomic Habits
    *Think and grow rich

    Which one book would you recommend?

  3. Learn a high-income skill.

    You don’t have to complicate it, do this”

    *Choose a skill
    *Select 10-20 Youtube channel teaching the skill
    *Binge-watch it for 100 days
    *Start to practice as you get better

  4. Work out 7x a week

    If you can’t work out every day, how can you expect to even be rich?
    Set aside 40 minutes a day to this;
    *Hit 300push ups (30×10)
    *Do 200 squats (20×10)
    *Perform planks (1min x2)
    In 6 months, you’ll have a formed chest, strong arms and legs.

  5. Connect with high-value people.
    Before you consider this, first invest in yourself
    Do this;
    *Invest in expensive shoes
    *Dress clothes that fit
    *Have a good haircut
    *Smell nice
    You attract who you’re.

  6. Create 15+ streams of income

    Use people to multiply yourself

    Bribe them with a salary and make them work for you

    Set aside 30 minutes a day to learn;
    * Persuasion
    * How to delegate tasks
    It’ll be 10x more easier to control everyone around you.

  7. Use the knowledge you obtain and let it improve your mindset.

    Build a silent wealth;
    *A great physique
    *A clear mind
    *Stay anonymous
    *Filthy rich

    This’ll make you win over 99% of people.

  8. To diversify your sources of income, do this:
    *Open 10+ businesses
    *Invest in real estate
    *Start online businesses
    *Grow a youtube channel