What have we can learn from a meditation retreat?

You will attend a weekend retreat. There is no phone, internet, or technology. It is possible to notice a subtle anxiety that you didn’t even realize you had by meditating.
Our knowledge of meditation is greatly enhanced by meditation retreats.

Let me tell you
We did meditations during the day, and I was able to really lift some of that anxiety I felt.
After the retreat, I felt profoundly calm and reviatalised. I was reluctant to use my Phone and have since made changes so that my phone isn’t as big a part of my life, as It became obvious that it was a big contributor to my anxiety. I meditate daily now and have more motivation to do it now since I experienced and created that blissful space during the retreat.

Breakups are not painful. The self-loathing after a failed relationship is painful.

Failure in a career/studies are not painful. The self-loathing after those failures are painful.

Getting rejected is not painful. That self-loathing voice that tells yourself “You’re a failure” after being rejected is painful.

Once you tell yourself “It’s okay to fail.”, all the pain just magically disappears.

My whole life I’ve been trying so hard to fix “problems” to ease the pain, using self-loathing as a whip to somehow propel me towards finding a solution to everything “wrong” with me. But ultimately, acceptance is the only true freedom from pain. And only with the freedom, comes the energy to get out of bed and actually get stuff done. So accept yourself, in whatever “broken” form you are, and be free from misery.