9 small Habits that will solve 80% of your problems
  1. Gratitude
    we hear about gratitude all the time but science backs it up. Those who express gratitude increase well-being, can focus more on what’s working, and overcome challenges at a faster pace.
    Write 3 things you’re grateful for in the morning, and start your day empowered.

  2. Airplane Mode
    Instead of immediately grabbing the phone and starting the day off being reactive, choose to take control and start the day on your terms. To do so, start the day in airplane mode for at least 15 minutes and work your way up to 60 minutes or more

  3. Physical Movement
    Physical movement is crucial to creativity, motivation, and mental performance.
    Start simple: time yourself doing one activity for at least 10 minutes.

  4. Mindfulness
    The habit of mindfulness through meditation is shown to increase well-being, boost creativity, and provide some much-needed perspective.
    Spend at least five minutes being aware of your breath, in silence, or using a guided meditation.

  5. Learn Daily
    Constant learning and education is a successful habits shared by many successful people. Set a marker for learning every day-whether 10 pages a day or a specific time you’re blocking out.

  6. Focused Time
    To make focus a habit, start with 25-minute Pomodoro sessions at least once a day, and build your habit off focused time from there.

  7. Set Boundaries
    We tend to respect people who set boundaries and are willing to say “no” to requests that aren’t aligned with their priorities, but we’re not skilled at doing this ourselves.
    Setting boundaries could mean having a conversation with someone about our current focus. Or, it could simply mean saying no.
    To make setting boundaries a habit, find one way every week to ensure you protect your time, energy, and attention.

  8. Seek Novelty
    Seeking novelty is the simple act of experiencing something new to provide a spark of idea, insight, or perspective.
    For example, changing your workout routine, reading a book in a genre you Would otherwise discount, or even taking a new route home from work. All of these are simple ways to introduce novelty.
    Add in a weekly dose of novelty to your schedule & make it a habit.

  9. Celebrate Wins
    we’re often the worst people to see and recognize our own growth, especially those who consider themselves high performers.
    However, there is immense value in owning and celebrating wins by taking a step back and reflecting on how far we’ve come.
    By doing so, you’ll focus on what is working, harness progress, and drown out the part of you that relies on pointing out how you could be further along. Celebrate three wins every day by writing them down.