Good anti-aging cream for men/ women recommendations?

Men tend to produce more sebum so they have an oilier complexion which niacinamide would help with, and they also shave their faces far more often which damages the skin barrier. To keep from getting folliculitis, use a cleanser in the evening and just water in the morning, a gentle exfoliator with aha/bha such as lactic acid or salicylic acid two/three days after shaving is good. Some moisturizer with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to add moisture and protect the skin barrier. Top off with an SPF to prevent sun spots and aging.

I recommend: the ordinary niacinamide 2/3 times per week, the ordinary – lactic acid 48-72 hrs after shaving, Dr. Jart vital hydra solution+ no7 hydraluminous water concentrate twice daily, cerave SA cleanser/hydrating cleanser once daily, and cerave moisturizing lotion twice daily

Retinol and Vitamin c are powerful anti-aging products too with consistent usage. They will give the best results but you HAVE to use SPF with them as they make you photosensitive

A retinol or anti-oxidant (like vitamin c) could be a good place to start, but I recommend checking out r/skincareaddicts for more in depth information about skincare and anti-aging.